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5 Illegal Things Nails Salons In Sarasota Florida Should Never Do

5 Illegal things Nails Salons in Sarasota Florida should never do

Today there are many laws that protect employees and customers in the beauty-salon industry. However, rarely are some of these laws implemented, especially when it comes to the retrenchment process for employees. Continue reading to learn five of the most insensitive things nail salons in Sarasota Florida should never do to their employees or to customers.

Withholding Payments as punishment

Withholding the payment of employees as a way of punishing them for a mistake they did is something you should never do as a salon owner. It is both illegal in Florida and in almost all states countrywide. It could lead to a legal pursuit and possible conviction for violating the rights of another human being. Besides, the nail salon industry is tough in many states, and stylists don’t get big profit margins all the times.

Taking a cut out of tips

You own the salon yeah, but not the stylist and their money. It is illegal and could land you to jail remember that. The good thing however is that there have been few cases where a nail stylist accused their employer of asking for some cut out of the tips they received from customers. In any case, the small tips nail stylists get are what make them thrive and pay their bills with ease even when they still don’t earn that much. So why would you want to take it from them?


Many nail salons in Sarasota Florida at least do pay their employees the minimal wage. So, no matter where you are located in Sarasota, you have no right to pay your nail stylists less than the minimum wage. And note that the FLSA laws do require you to pay employees for extra time worked, even where they receive tips from customers. Also, where you pay you stylists through commissions, their earnings must always meet the standard minimum wage under all circumstances failure to which you could be liable for civil suits and penalties for labor violations.

Charging you employees Product fees

Many nail salon owners might disagree with this point, but it is actually a violation of labor rights to charge your employees a product fee. If you have to do so, predetermine such expenses before telling your stylist to sign a contract with you. In any case, you hire the nail stylists for their times and skills. It is however okay to talk to your employees often and agree on the amount of products they can use per week for instance.

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