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Affordable Small Glass Pipes

Affordable Small Glass Pipes

In the event that you are on a tight budget but you really need to set you need to get yourself some small glass pipes, below are a number of options that you can explore:

Handheld Stone Smoking Pipe

This great pipe features a grey and black mottled look that happens to enhance its aesthetic appeal and it comes with an onyx carved style. It has a size of 2 inches and it has great functionality as far as the handling of heat is concerned. It is available in a wide array of types and styles and all of them feature extremely sizeable bowls; this allows for the production of copious smoke while eliminating the entire process of reloading.

Classic Wood Sherlock Hand Pipe

Another one of the great small glass pipes available in the market at affordable prices. It comes with a very small size that is intended to mimic the small size that is characteristic of glass pipes. It has been made using Briar which is a feature of all high quality English style pipes. Its stems feature removable filters which work very well to enhance the production of good smoke.

Classic Rosewood Sherlock Hand Pipe

This is a great pipe that has been made using the traditional Sherlock Holmes style. It features a wood grain that is very deep and very well polished. It also features metal filters that can very easily be replaced. These metal filters work very well to ensure that only quality smoke is produced when the pipe is in use. The best thing about this pipe is that it does not require frequent cleaning.

Small Glass Animals Pipes

Great small glass pipes that are in the shape of cobras; they are of very high quality and they come with a tail that you use for your puff, a carb in the neck area and a bowl right I the middle.

Mini Chillum Pipes

Great pipes that are available in 3 inch sizes. They are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as they feature shining Rasta colors.

Multicolor Sherlock pipe

A great pipe designed according to the traditional Sherlock Holmes style and that is of very high quality. It has a height of approximately 4 inches and you can be sure that it is worth every cent that you will pay for it.

Mephisto Glass Pipes

These pipes are approximately 5 inches in length and they feature the string style that is of very high quality. They also feature an extremely unique color scheme and a base that keeps on changing color.

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