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Green Tea Australia

Green Tea Australia

Although it has for thousands of years associated with China and Japan, green tea has in the last few years turned into a global beverage. Green tea is known for its great flavor and numerous health benefits that have even been approved by health scientists. It is enjoyed with several flavors such as lemon, honey as well as citrus. Green tea became popular in Australia and other parts of Europe simply because of its famous medicinal function. Most people started trying out and realized that what they were hearing is was actually true. As a result different companies started importing green tea while others manufacture them right here. Green tea Australia has thus become one of the favorite beverages among many people simply because of its health benefits.

While many people have joined the green tea bandwagon, few people actually understand its full benefits. The truth is, green tea Australia has the potential of curing chronic diseases such as cancer. It is also worth noting that there are different types of green tea. The difference arises due to the type of leaves in which green tea is extracted from. For example the best or the top quality green tea is extracted from the upper tender leaves of the earliest harvest compared to others. Such leaves are considered to have high nutrients full of medicinal substances that are capable of curing many diseases. Nevertheless, all other types of green tea have almost the same benefits.

But where exactly does green tea come from? Green tea is commonly found in Asian countries where Camellia sinensis, a plant associated with green and several black tea varieties is found. Although there is some difference when it comes to both appearance and flavor, the health benefits from both are closely related. Another thing that brings about the distinction is the way both teas are processed. The processes are generally distinct. Although they are both from the same plant but the final product is totally different.  All in all the benefits whether it is green tea from China or Japan, are similar.

Scientific research has proved that the antioxidants present have the potential in averting many conditions in the body such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure among many others.  Generally speaking, green tea Australia has a lot of benefits compared to other artificial beverages. It is therefore advisable to always take consume green tea and by doing that you will be helping your body prevent as well as fight a host of diseases .

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