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How To Pass Your ACCA Online Course


Taking an ACCA online course often requires one to be very disciplined and diligent in conducting their revision in order to pass. Revision is often needed and is supposed to be done at all times. As a student you need to plan your time accordingly in order to manage your life as well as your studies. Most people taking online courses are often people who are working and studying part time and thus these tips on how to tackle examinations can help.

  1. Reading time – Well-crafted answers can only be given when the questions are well read and understood. When in an examination situation you should take about 15 minutes to read through the questions. Ensure that you understand what each question asks for and also how you should answer them as you learnt in your ACCA online course. As you read through, draft the plausible answers you think are appropriate that you can use for reference later in the exam.
  2. Take time to understand question requirements – It is often tempting to skim through the questions and start answering immediately you learn that you know the answers to the questions. However, you may know the answers but without understanding the question requirements you answer them wrongly. It is important to know what the examiner wants and give it to them.
  3. Get straight to the point – Yes, get straight to the point. You need to show the examiner that you know exactly what they want and give it to them. Do not beat about the bush with your answers as you may end up giving the wrong information. This is mostly for papers that require a lot of written information. Mathematical papers learnt in your ACCA online course may differ. Even then you also need to get to the point with mathematical questions.
  4. Plan your answers – Do not just start writing your answers without a plan. Plan them in order such that they fully answer the questions asked. You should always start with the key points in your sentences before going on to explain using details from your ACCA online course. This way the examiner also gets to know what you are explaining before they start reading.
  5. Facilitate the examiner – The instructions given on the paper should be dully followed so as to ensure that examiner gets an easy time marking the papers. It is important to follow the instructions needed as they also help you plan out your answers. The questions should be marked accordingly. 
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