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Manicure Sarasota - How To Protect Your Cuticles

Manicure Sarasota - How to protect your cuticles

Going for a manicure service is a great thing, but protecting those cuticles so that they can retain the fineness and softness several weeks afterwards will take a lot of care and goodwill from you. Most people take nail cuticles for granted. But it is these cuticles that protect your nails from infections or damage when hit, which is why you should protect them by doing the following.

Don’t cut them

If you go to a good manicure Sarasota salon, they probably have already told you that cuticles shouldn’t be cut. As mentioned above, an open cuticle can easily create room for infections and germs to penetrate into your body. You also expose your nails to ridges, white lines and other bacterial infections by cutting them. Besides, you interfere a lot with the process of nail growing by simply cutting the cuticles, and this could be both uncomfortable and not particularly aesthetic.

Moisturize them often

Cuticles are entirely made of skin, and just like a normal skin, they get dry often. Moisturizing them with an approved moisturizer can help protect against flaking, peeling or cracking.  Dermatologists often advise for the use of thicker moisturizers such as creams and ointments. If you can also do some hot wax treatment on your nails, it is one of the best ways to help moisturize the cuticles. Usually, people dip their fingers into already melted hot wax for about fifteen minutes and then the process is over. But since people have different tastes and preferences, just ensure that you loyally moisturize the cuticles every once in a while.

Go to reputable manicurists

If you can’t find a great manicure Sarasota, just ask friends for a great recommendation. Never go for manicure into a salon you are not sure about. Again, many people make the mistake of going for manicure after they start seeing red sores or uncomfortable pains. Visit the manicurist regularly, and if they are overly aggressive with your cuticles, ditch them for a better person since it is the rough manipulation of cuticles that often result in most infections among women.

Use an Orange Stick if you want your nails to get longer

Most people who cut their cuticles claim to be looking for longer nails. But the cons of cutting cuticles as you may have already noted outweigh their advantages by far. Instead, use a good wooden orange stick to push cuticles back when you want to. 

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