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Telling The Quality Of Handmade Leather Bags Italy

Telling the Quality of Handmade Leather Bags Italy

Buying Handmade Leather Bags Italy can prove to be a very confusing experiencing; especially if you are one person who is very keen on buying genuine and high quality leather. This sis imply because the market today is full of cheap bags that have been made using fake leather and are of very low quality. It is important for you to know how to differentiate the genuine from the counterfeit to avoid your wasting your money on something that will not serve you the way that it is supposed to.

  • Genuine versus Counterfeit Leather

The moment you find yourself asking yourself a whether a certain bag is counterfeit or genuine, you should probably not buy that bag. Genuine leather is a totally natural product and it is very hard to replicate it. To fully protect yourself, it would be wise for you to search around for full grain leather; this I leather that has not been coated with anything or altered in any way.  The coating is usually done to mask the natural markings that are usually present on the leather. Most of the products out there that come with the labeled ‘genuine leather’ are usually leather splits derived from the skin’s backsides after which an artificial grain pattern is put on them and they are the n coated using a painted surface to make them look like full grain leather. Stick to products that are labeled ‘full grain leather’.

Ultimately, there are two factors that usually tell the quality of leather. These are the tanning process and the hide selection. The hide selection simply talks of the cleanliness of the leather in relation to the number of natural marks that are present on the hide. Normally, the grading of leather is done on the basis of the general health condition of the skin and how clean the hide is.

The tanning process on the other hand is the process that the animal skin is taken through to turn it into leather. The process works to ensure that the leather lasts longer and becomes less prone to decomposition. Tanning can be done using either mineral or vegetable methods.

After all is said and done, high quality leather usually comes with a supple and soft touch that is naturally inviting and appealing. It does not resemble any synthetic material or vinyl in any way. These are the things that you ought to look out for when you go out to buy your handmade leather bags Italy.

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