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Understanding Why The Prayer For Money Never Seems To Get Answered

Understanding Why the Prayer for Money Never Seems to get answered

Praying for money in this current world is very understandable especially taking into consideration how materialistic the world has become. Everyone wants a good life, everyone wants to be able to enjoy shopping in the largest malls of Paris and Dubai, everyone wants to be able to drive flashy cars and lead a flashy lifestyle, the only drawback is that large amounts of money are required for one to be able to do this. There are even those who are not even looking for a lot but just want enough to be able to meet their daily obligations. The cost of living is high today and money leaves the pocket much faster than it gets in. this could perhaps be the main reason as to why you will hear so many people today saying a prayer for money.

The sad part is that most people who say this prayer will often tell you that God is yet to answer it. Is it that He cannot hear me? Is it that He is ignoring me? Is it that I was meant to lead a struggling life till I die? The questions will go on and on. A story is told of a man whose houses flooded and he got trapped inside. The man then climbed up to the roof and began to pray to God to rescue him. Rescue operations were underway and the man was sent for three boats to help him bring back to safety, he declined to get onto any of them. A helicopter was also sent his way but he refused to get onto it. His reason for refusal was that He was waiting for God to come rescue him.

Do you get the drift here? It is the same thing with the prayer for money that you say every morning and every evening before you sleep. God has already answered it, you just need to open your eyes and look keenly. Remember that it is said that God helps those who help themselves. He has given you a sound mind and the ability to work and earn money. The sound mind is to help you budget for your money well enough to ensure that you not only lead a comfortable life but you also grow. The most advisable thing for you to do would actually be to pray for wisdom on how to plan your finances and financial discipline to stick to your budget.

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