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Who is Jarone Ashkenazi?

Jarone Ashkenazi, a project manager at AU Fudge in West Hollywood, is best known for his stellar skills in coordinating business projects, designing new developments, customer relations management and procuring business services. In fact, last year, he was among a few people featured by fast company magazine after an article he wrote about the dynamics of public relations went viral.

In the article, Ashkenazi explained how social media platforms such as twitter, blogs and Face Book influence the conveyance and reception of communication messages between a business organization and its clients. In a nutshell, the writer showed the business community how their communication with their clients affects everything that they offer. Noting that the communication model of public relations in social media has changed, readers are taken through a thought process of how they should mind involving their audiences in the communication process.

Jarone Ashkenazi is an influential figure in many aspects of the business community. For instance, he is not only a PR consult advisor, as you can infer from his article cited above, but he is also a freelance writer, an account manager, and a projects’ coordinator. These titles are not meant for show off. In the period between February and June 2014, Ashkenazi worked at PMBC in Beverly Hills, leading a lot of accounts such as water and Vincent Mehdizadeh, Lottolotto and the Rain on Request. During his tenure as the account manager, he oversaw many projects in the company. He supported the vice president of the company in preparing press releases, execution of business plans, secured interviews, made business proposals among other things.

What make Ashkenazi outstanding in his work are his public relation skills. Among all organizations that he has worked for, he strategically changed their public relations approach to create a more involving, a more effective and better way in which the public views the company. Combined with his expertise as a freelance writer, Jarone Ashkenazi has come up with public relations’ ideas that completely changed how people viewed the specific business. He has managed to secure important interviews with the media, coordinated employee-employer relationships and boosted companies’ clientele by simply using modern and effective PR skills.

Finally, Ashkenazi is so exemplary in his work that when he got employed in February 2013 to be an account coordinator in Bob Gold and Associates Company in California, it only took six months for his employers to promote him to an executive status. See Jarone Ashkenazi Los Angeles profile.

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