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Online Reputation Can’t Wait - Why You Want To Be Proactive Now!


Taking Responsibility For Your Online Reputation

When it comes to the positioning of your company online, it might be easy to assume that the company reputation you have spent years cultivating in the business world will come with it. After all, you’ve worked hard to build up your business, build a positive online reputation and position your company as an expert over the years - surely that level of expertise and trust will be reflected in the online world naturally, won’t it?

Unfortunately that is not always the case because if the search engines don’t know about all this great work then how can they present it to potential clients when they search for your business?

Think of it this way, online reputation in the world before websites, search engines and social media, company reputations were built, marketed and maintained through word of mouth and strategic advertising tactics. The result of such business methodologies meant that it could take months if not years for a business to be positioned as a market leader in their field.  Not anymore with online reputation.

However the internet has radically altered the way in which businesses position themselves online. Thanks to social media, local business directories, blogs and mobile internet access, your online reputation can be investigated and changed in a matter of seconds with your competition, who do market their reputation online, becoming the main benefactor.

Now that you know that it is as important to market your online reputation as it is offline, here are a few tips that will help you become a market leader online.

Be Proactive in Developing Your Online Reputation

In order to build a great reputation you need to do great things that add real value to people and then tell other people about them. If you are the best employment solicitor in the North West then keeping this fact quiet is not going to help your cause. Instead be proactive and strategically submit articles, press releases and blog entries that share this fact with targeted clients that are looking for it.

The more positive internet real estate that you own, the better. If people continually see the same message then they will be more likely to remember you when they are in need of your services.

Be Proactive in Providing Great Service Which Will Also Benefit Your Online Reputation

This may sound a little stupid, as nobody goes out of their way to provide bad service, do they? But providing a great service offline will affect how people perceive your business online.

Any consumers search for a business online in their local area before committing to working with them offline. Therefore when delivering on the service make sure that your customer service is excellent, that you can be contacted easily, that emails and telephone calls get responded to, and complaints get investigated.

There are many cases were clients who have been ignored or received poor service from a company go straight online and share their views with everyone to see. This could severely tarnish the hard earned and positive reputation of your business as once a negative comment is placed online it is very, very difficult to remove.

Be Proactive in Marketing Your Great Online Reputation

Prospective clients are looking for reassurance before they commit to a major buying decision. So rather than giving those prospects the opportunity to dwell on the decision provide them with proof that your business delivers on what it says it will deliver.

Provide those prospects with glowing testimonials from previous clients who share exactly how your business helped them achieve the results they were looking for. It’s one thing for you to list your credentials, affiliations and expertise, it is another thing altogether for someone who has no relation to your business sharing them for you.

Put in place a process of requesting reviews from clients, good or bad, the positive reviews can help market your business and the negative reviews can be used to identify areas within your business that need improvement. *Remember it is always a good idea to respond back to all reviews and especially bad reviews with a professional response in the efforts to have their review changed and re-gain them back as a returning customer. This will ultimately result in a better service for future clients.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. The more you can do to present your business online as transparent, trustworthy and efficient, the more potential customers you will successfully satisfy and the more positive sentiment you will create about your company online, which will result in an increased online “real estate”, more people finding you and eventually more people selecting you as the company of choice for their needs.   Click to learn more about developing your online reputation.

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