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Your Fiverr Alternative


Fiverr is one big market for freelance workers out to make extra bucks in the wild internet world. Their stay in the market has been quite long and has remained unparalleled. Most would find it paradise for online money making, interestingly this is not so, people have found it to be too expensive and not worth it all for certain niches and industries.


A lot has been written about Fiverr and the many disadvantages many of its customers have had to undergo. But this is now in the past, as things are changing and it is having great competition from the large number of Fiverr alternative options entering the market. As they say, competition keeps the inventors inventing. But it is possible to make money online without having to undergo the whole frustrating process that Fiverr can offer newbies… and there are always alternatives.


What Are The Available Fiverr Alternatives?

Well, there are actually quite a few:



FiverUp’s About Us states, “FiverUp is a unique site where anyone can buy and sell services for $4 – $100! Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to have something small done quickly but just couldn’t find the right person for the job? Such situations happens to thousands of us each day, and FiverUp has become just the place to go to when looking to have your tasks done now — quickly, efficiently, and in high quality. You no longer have to worry about feeling uncomfortable asking a colleague or acquaintance to help you out when you can get a pro to do exactly what you need for as low as $4! Due to the diversity of jobs on FiverUp, we offer $4 jobs for smaller tasks and up to $100 jobs for larger ones, to cover practically the entire scope of small jobs for any person and budget.”




Gigbucks’ About Us states, “Gigbucks offers a free and easy to use platform for freelancers and talented people from all walks of life to offer their services priced from $5 to $50 bucks per gig. What do you have that someone might be willing to pay up to 50 bucks for? Maybe you’re an online marketer, programmer, singer, writer, video artist, translator, seo wizard, advertiser and business guru offering advise or if do anything else that people want to pay money for, sell it on Gigbucks.com. Posting is absolutely free and you can post as many gigs as you like. Take a few minutes to think about what you’re good at and you’ll easily be able to come up with 3-5 gigs to post! Post quality gigs, set fair prices and deliver quality work and the community will thank you with positive feedback which in turn attracts more new sales.”




Zeerk’s About Us states, “Zeerkis an online marketplace that connects Buyers and Sellers. Freelancing jobs, work from home, freelance online, micro jobs, outsourcing services, online jobs. Sellers onZeerk have the opportunity to promote and sell their services for a price starting at $5. Buyers on Zeerk can securely purchase these services from $5 and up. Get anything done for $5, .. $10, .. $20, .. $50, .. $100, .. $200.”




SEOClerks’ About Us states, “SEOClerks is a marketplace originally designed for SEO services. As part of our continuing effort to expand and innovate, we’ve changed. Since the inception of SEOClerks, we’ve expanded beyond SEO offering a Want to Buy and Want to Trade section where users can ask for anything. Our platform is built by community suggestions that our users want and need.



The most unique thing about TenBux is stated in their About Us, “At TenBux.com we are always thinking of new ways that sellers can increase there income. Gaining more views on your Job and “Pushing” the job daily will increase your chances of selling more.” So you gain the ability to go to Page 1 momentarily, you just have to choose wisely of when the best time to do that is exactly.



Tenrr is a Free Fiverr® Alternative! Tenrr is a Completely Free Micro Job Website. No Signup Costs, No Fees! Find and Buy Cheap Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets & Followers, Articles, Web Developers and other Website-related Tasks for less than $10!




The Fourrerr story goes like this, “Have $4? Want $4 more? Great: we do too! Fourerr was founded on the belief that to win a marathon, every kilometer counts. When you want to accomplish anything big in life, you must set goals and start small to get big results. Fourerr is your platform for accomplishment. Our mission is to bring together smart buyers with smart sellers in the context of affordability. Fourerr was established because we saw a real shift in terms of how we work and buy. Online marketplaces aren’t just for physical goods anymore: now, we can buy soft goods such as graphic design and tech expertise the way we order take out food off a menu (cheap, fast and good). Amazing, right? We also believe online marketplaces change the way we work – on our own and as a group. At Fourerr, we empower our buyers and sellers to build their dreams, one micro-job at a time.”




RoundShelf is a newcomer in the Fiverr Clone scene and not a lot has been done on the site, there’s only currently 100-200 gigs listed on the site. That’s nothing to compare to Fiverr’s 5 million gigs listed, so I think we have a winner on who gets the most traffic (compared to anyone in this list).


So let’s face it… when it comes to who gets you the most FREE traffic (which means more sales), what you really want is:



And let’s face it, the reason you are searching for a ‘Fiverr Alternative‘, is the fact that you haven’t had any success with it yet. And we’ll be the first to admit it, there are some big hurdles to overcome that are LITERALLY invisible to the average Fiverr user. That ranges from good SEO optimization, high video & audio quality, good editing, great graphics, a solid explanation that doesn’t give away too much customization (customization kills), and finally that you can deliver in a few minutes.


Those are a lot of qualification for a gig, and I’m sure a lot of you who went through this list are wondering what you can list on Fiverr again to make you money. Well, it’s a combination of things. Thankfully we’ve built over 300 accounts, and have “felt” our way through these invisible hurdles on Fiverr, from the well known “buy your first 10 reviews” trick, to the free SEO traffic trick, there’s a lot that can be hit and miss if you don’t know what to aim for. This is where Fiverr Bot Mastermind comes into play.


At Fiverrbot.com you will find great relief in how everything is detailed, ideas are expressed and a lot of cool gigs are created in a single session. When it’s all said and done, you’ll enjoy your working online with Fiverr like never before. Fiverr Bot allows you to use technology to do your work. With Fiverr normally, you have to do everything manually, and even managing 2 accounts can start to be a pain in the neck (believe us)! But what if all those things were automated and streamlined? That would make all your gigs a lot more successful wouldn’t it? You couldn’t fail with 200 gigs listed and our Fiverr Bot Mastermind behind you!


Our clients are able to spend less time working on their gigs, while at the same time making more money. One thing is for sure, it is an easy to understand with our manual, and it shows you the insider secrets to creating the winning gig that can get 10-20 sales a day.


Before you start making a lot of money, some planning will need to take place to ensure that your buyers/customers understand the your limitations up front. There’s a lot of unique things that are going to happen to you as a buyer, you will come across a literal onslaught of unique and somewhat “odd” personalities online, you have to be ready to deliver no matter what. When your customer service is excellent and buyers do not have to wait long for jobs in Fiverr, they come back more often than not. The good thing is that the more effort you put in place, the more money you are able to carry home. So instead of looking around for 101 different Fiverr alternatives, just utilize and monopolize on the entire Fiverr site itself.

Fiverr Bot is 100% profitable and comes with a money bag warranty. Customers can be sure of being able to pay their bills with ease without ever breaking their backs. As a marketer you also have better and great opportunities of making money. It is not limiting and comes with better options of allowing you to get customers directly from Fiverr with much ease. This Fiverr Alternative is a great tool and much better than the earlier manual used site. Enroll today and start racking money. You too can smile all the way to the bank with this great and incredible offer.

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